prepare to meet the passonate firey soul that burns with in!
Flaming Flint

I haven’t logged onto here in such a long time. i dont even know if i have this muse anymore. not sure weather to even keep this account activated or not XD ah well it’s here for now!

Oh god too long. But im alive and finnally have a laptop again!
I’ve been off for awhile do to life, ya know. Anyhow my flame still burns bright!
~Flint mun

» yo whats up!

I figured i would all let you know that this account still lives i just havent been on in a long tim. Im hopeing to get a new computer soon as mine shit the bed.

» mun writes

i’m surprized i still have Flint.
i do have other role-plays but i’ve hardly been on them either.
i still have a heart for pokemon.
honestly i owe SpookingMorty for helping keep my flame for pokemon.

» I’m a fire cracker!

because fire!

» but why?

i kept Flint.
i’m keeping the cosplay.
 will cosplay this for new friends

» I bet that I could make this blog a huge hit!

mun is just too lazy too

"think fast! name a water/grass quick!"


"Oh oh!"

"Lotad, the Water Weed Pokémon!  Lotad inhabit peaceful wetlands, like lakes and ponds!"

"heheh great job! but it enough to out out my flames?" he smiled playfully at her

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